Winds in the East, Mist Coming In . . .

For Mary Poppins aficionados, that is probably a phrase you’ve heard often.  For those who need to brush up on their classic Disney trivia, that’s what Bert says at the beginning of the Mary Poppins saga.  The whole thing actually goes something like this:

Winds in the east, mist coming in . . . Like somethin’ is brewin’ and ’bout to begin.  Can’t put me finger on what lies in store, but I fear what’s to happen all happened before.

I’ve been a little distracted lately, as shown by the lack of posts this month.  (Although I’m not naive enough to assume that you’re holding your breath, waiting for my next post.)  In any case, I’ve finally been able to breath a little easier this week so I decided to update everyone on the goings on of the Jones household.  Much has changed this month.  Our littlest family member turned 6 on the fourth.  Then a week and a half later, I had three job interviews and took a teaching test to become a credentialed bilingual teacher in Texas.  Friday the 18th, our youngest graduated from Kindergarten  . . .

and then on the 24th, our eldest graduated from 8th grade  . . .

and I signed a contract to become a 2nd grade teacher for the upcoming year.  All of that along with our normal church planting, parenting, working, house cleaning and familial duties.  Whew!

Then, as quick as it all started, Admiral Boom pronounces,

Wind’s come around, blowing dead on from the west!

(when Mary Poppins has done her job and is about to move on).  I’m glad the winds have changed again.  As fun as all those incredible activities are, you can only sustain that kind of excitement so long before your body screams for you to slow down.  So happily, we are slowing down the pace a little.  You can check out my facebook page (find me at April Janet Jones [Cook] if we are not yet facebook friends) to see photo albums of Robby’s birthday and graduation, and Elise’s graduation.

So long Poppins . . . until next year, then!


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